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Bellow the installation documentation :

Videos Modal

NPM @latest

A little JS plugin for videos embed working with tarteaucitronjs.

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Node.js JavaScript

You may install the NPM package hello-motto-videos-modal. When installed you can add it in your resources.

$ npm install hello-motto-videos-modal

Direct download

Instead of using NPM, it is possible to download the last stable version here and use the files that you need.


Include videos-modal.css or videos-modal.min.css stylesheet :

<!-- Normal version -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="videos-modal.css"/>
<!-- OR the minified version -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="videos-modal.min.css"/>

Include videos-modal.js or videos-modal.min.js script :

<!-- Normal version -->
<script src="videos-modal.js"></script>
<!-- OR the minified and uglyfied version -->
<script src="videos-modal.min.js"></script>


This is a script that show videos (from youtube or others) into a modal. It's working with tarteaucitron and videos will be blocked if the provider (Youtube for example) is not allowed by the user.
Examples below can be found in the example page and in the example without tarteaucitron page.

Create JavaScript Object

To instanciate the object it is possible to pass an optional JSON object as argument. This object is optional because all the parameters have default values and most of them can be overwritten by each link.
Here are the options with the by default values.
Only options beginning with video_ can be overwritten by link attributes.

var videosModal = new VideosModal({
    closeOnClick: true,
    closeWithEscape: true,
    closeByIcon: true,
    closeIcon: '', // Default icon VideosModal.getDefaultCloseIcon(), this needs that closeByIcon is set as true
    loading: true,
    loaderIcon: '', // Default icon VideosModal().getDefaultLoaderIcon(), this needs that loading is set as true
    navigate: true,
    leftArrow: '', // Default icon VideosModal.getDefaultLeftArrow(), this needs that navigate is set as true
    rightArrow: '', // Default icon VideosModal.getDefaultRightArrow(), this needs that navigate is set as true
    onlyLandscape: true, // if true, on mobile devices it should turn the video (it's adding a only-landscape class)
    tarteAuCitron: null, // if tarteaucitron is used, put the variable into it.
    links: '.videos-modal-link', // It is possible to set several selectors as a string.
    videos_id: null,
    videos_provider: 'media', // Default provider is direct media
    videos_width: null,
    videos_height: null,
    videos_autoplay: 0,
    videos_rel: 0,
    videos_controls: 0,
    videos_showinfo: 0,
    videos_allowfullscreen: 0,
    videos_title: true,
    videos_byline: true,
    videos_portrait: true,
    videos_loop: false

Create HTML container for the modal (optional)

This is an optional container. If this not exists, it will be inserted at the end of the body.

<div id="videos-modal"></div>

The href attribute won't be used (but is important if javascript is no enabled, or the user is using Internet Explorer. So pray for her/him). The data-videos-modal-* attributes overwrite the by default parameters.

<!-- Youtube Provider Video -->
<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elbgmrH06Qg" class="videos-modal-link" data-videos-modal-provider="youtube"
    data-videos-modal-id="elbgmrH06Qg" data-videos-modal-autoplay="1" data-videos-modal-rel="0"
    data-videos-modal-controls="1" data-videos-modal-showinfo="1" data-videos-modal-allowfullscreen="1">
        First link

To add some video media, don't use data-videos-modal-id but data-videos-modal- + format of the video. For example data-videos-modal-ogg for ogg format videos.

<!-- Video Media without provider -->
<a href="./media/scrabble.mp4" class="play" data-videos-modal-mp4="./media/scrabble.mp4" data-videos-modal-autoplay="1"
data-videos-modal-controls="1" data-videos-modal-muted="0" data-videos-modal-loop="0">


If there are new links or links are removed after the page is loaded (ajax or modified DOM), you can easily reset the script and the links list.



This script should work with all modern browsers (so forget IE). If you see compatibility problems please contact me.

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